3 Easy Steps for a Spring Grab-and-Go Closet

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Warm weather is coming around the corner. Or so they say. Here in the PNW, it has been nothing but rain, hail, wind, and cold, with a little snow thrown in the mix. We could use some 70-degree days for sure. Anyways, it’s coming and we better be prepared for it!

Folded Sweaters

When the seasons are about to change I get to do one of my favorite things. Get my closets organized and ready for the new season. This includes going through last season’s clothes and deciding what to keep for the next time that time of year rolls around. I go through clothes for the coming season, see what still fits or what I still like style-wise, and edit out the clothes that don’t work anymore. I take an inventory of what I have left over from last year and make a list of items I need to replace, (jeans, shoes, etc). So let’s hop to it!

Step 01: Clarify & Sort


To make this easier to follow along, let’s pick a closet and make an example of it. I’m going to pick out my master closet. So first things first, let’s let our closet breathe. Go through your clothes and group together all the items that you would only wear in the winter and take them out. Things like, heavy sweaters, winter boots, heavy scarves, and the like. Once you’ve pulled that all out, put it on the bed and begin to sort. Are there any items you never touched through the season? Any item that has holes, stains that won’t come out, tears, or is wearing too thin? You’re going to want to let those go. With your remaining items, look and make sure these are the clothes you want to keep for next year.

Step 02: Edit


I’ll let you in on a secret, that knitted wolf sweater you got from your grandma that you never wear, you don’t have to keep it. WHAT! I know! The intention of the gift was to show you how much she loved you and she did by giving you a present. It’s not the actual gift. Does that make sense? If it does make you happy, by all means, keep it. But if you have any gifts you don’t love and never wear, get rid of them and know that it was the thought behind the gift that matters, not the actual gift. Grandma is the best and we love her, just not her odd gifts. 

Ok, so now we’re going to put our worn-out items in the trash, the items that we never wear anymore in a bag, to take to a second-hand store or sell. What we have left, is what we’re going to keep for next year. If you have a big enough closet, my suggestion is to put them all together in a back section of your closet to take a little snooze for the rest of the year. If you have limited space, find a lidded tote or cloth storage cube that will fit under your bed and put them in there to rest. 

Maybe you are like me, and the warm weather STILL has not hit yet. Don’t worry, I’m not bitter about it. You may need to wear a few pieces of your winter wardrobe. Keep them in your closet but just keep them grouped together and then when your warm season does begin, you can tuck them away real quick and easy.

Step 03: Evaluate

clothing rack organization

Now let’s get ready for the sun! Pull out all your shorts, light dresses, tees, sandals, strapped heels, light sweaters, and so on. I know it’s annoying but try everything on. Bodies and styles change from year to year. Make sure it fits and you still like the look of it on you. If you don’t like something, add it to your donation bag. Look at what you have left. Is it enough to get you through a week or however often you do laundry? If not, let’s start a list. For example, I need 2 more tees and 3 more shorts, 1 dress and a new pair of everyday sandals. Make note of it on your phone or paper or wherever you write lists and won’t lose it.

Next, go through the items that you wear all year round. Look at your undergarments, socks, and tennis shoes. How are they holding up? Do you need to replace any? Put it on your list!

“The nice thing about going through your closet a little early is that you have time to watch out for sales and take advantage of them as you shop for your replacement items. Make sure to keep that list handy, as you might walk into a store and find out they’re having a sale. You are going to want that list available.”  Featured in Redfin Article

wardrobe organization

Once you’ve replaced all needed items, you are stocked up and ready for the new season to begin. You can get dressed with ease, knowing you only have good quality items that you LIKE in your closet and don’t have to worry about if you don’t like something or if something has a hole in it, or even if it fits. Your closet will look and feel 100 times better. That’s my type of spring cleaning, grab and go!

The cool thing about this method is that it works for coat closets, kids closets, linen closets, ALL the closets. This makes getting your family ready and out the door a little quicker and easier. I hope these organization tips help reduce some stress in the mornings and make the beginning of your day a little brighter.

Talk to you later, friends!
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