Mess to Method: A Midcentury Kitchen Organization Makeover

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Picture this, you find the perfect midcentury home for your family. It has everything you need, even the laundry shoot you always dreamed of. The one catch is the kitchen cabinets. They are either too small or odd shaped or they are the right size but the door to that cabinet is so small that it leaves it almost unusable. This was the case for our clients. They had space but didn’t know how to get the most bang for their buck. So they did what anyone in their circumstance would do. They started putting items in any place they could find. This led to many like items being stored in many different areas and some cabinets not being used to their fullest potential. This is when they called The Nested Method for help.


When we got there we started the editing process like we always do, one drawer and cabinet at a time. As we went around the kitchen we were able to find many extra items they no longer used or needed. We turned their kitchen table into a donate pile and had a trash bag for those items that had expired, worn out, or broken. We also learned about what they used weekly and what they used yearly. We made sure to ask what zones they would need the most and kept all that information in our back pockets for the next day.


The very next day was install day and we were pumped! We figured out the top 3 categories for their kitchen were Lunch, Dinner, and Baking. We made sure to keep the biggest zones in the kitchen for these categories. We also made a lot of other little zones like a water bottle station. We stacked water bottle holders together and put next to them 2 mDesign bins, one for water bottle straws and one for extra bottle tops. This family uses water bottles pretty regularly so this was a fun zone to create for them. They also had several drawers filled with kitchen gadgets and tools, so we brought them all together and put them in clear mDesign containers that were labeled for the convenience of the whole family. Think of how easy it will be for anyone to put dishes away in that home. Find the zone, find the label. Easy peasy!


With everything edited, categorized, and labeled we were ready to hand the kitchen back over to the owners. They were excited and inspired by the simplicity of their organized kitchen. They were also excited about how we found containers small enough to fit through the small door to the big lazy susan cabinet. Problem solved! When we checked in on them later, they had cleaned out other areas of their home and were implementing the methods we had taught them.

It sounds like this won’t be the last time we visit the Sixth Street Mid-Century. They may have another project in mind for us and we couldn’t be more excited to return.

Talk to you later, friends!
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