The Nested Method is a Portland-based, interior design & home organization firm.


Hi, I’m Jodi! I have a wonderful husband and two little boys that I adore. Growing up, I always had a messy room to the point that my parents were stressed that I’d always have a messy home when I moved out on my own. After getting married and struggling as poor students, we lived in many small apartments. That’s when my love affair with organization began. I had to get creative with storage and put systems into place to make our home feel happy, and like we could finally relax. As friends and family would come into our home, they’d see what I did and want it for themselves. I’ve been helping others as a professional home organizer ever since. 


Hi friends! I’m Alicia. I live in a Scandi-style cabin in the mountains with my husband and three kids. I have a degree in graphic and web design, but my true passion is in interiors. I love how good lighting, the right paint color, and a variety of textures truly make a house feel like a home. My aesthetic leans modern and simplistic, and that’s where the need for good organization comes in. Bringing form and function together in a space makes such a difference in how a space feels and how we live in it. I’ve been helping friends and family design their spaces for years, and I’m excited to be able to share my knowledge and experience as an interior designer with you too!


A  full-service Home Organization and Interior Design company based in the Portland, Oregon Metro area.

At The Nested Method, we believe that a well-organized home isn’t just about tidiness; it’s about creating a space where you can thrive. As professional home organizers, we know that every space has the potential to become a harmonious and efficient environment. Whether juggling a busy family schedule, managing a home office, or simply looking to bring a fresh perspective to your living space, we're here to guide you every step of the way.


Our Story

Meet The Nested Method—Created For You By Professional Home Organizers

2012: A Friendship Blossoms

Alicia saw this cute girl and noticed she was wearing the same shoes. “Ooh, I think we are going to be friends,” she thought. One thing led to another, and 10+ years later, here we are, with more matching shoes.

2016: An Idea Sparks

We love organizing. We love marrying design and function. We are actually really good at it! The problem was, we were short on time with little kids at home. One day…one day we’ll turn our passion into a business.

2020: Keeping Sane

2020 was a year for the books. Kids were home all day, and chaos ensued. What we normally kept tidy was now a disaster. Organization and creating calming spaces turned into the top priority! Once we got our spaces organized and our aesthetics in place, we moved on to friends’ and family’s houses. Man, it feels good to organize, create function, and look at something beautiful.

2023: The Nested Method is Born

Remember that great idea we had years ago? It sure took us long enough, but we finally got the courage to turn our dreams of being professional home organizers into a reality. We are pumped and ready to go! Meet The Nested Method, created for you by professional home organizers.

With a unique blend of organizational skills and interior design expertise, Jodi and Alicia have crafted a method that marries functionality with beauty. Our holistic approach ensures that every nook and cranny not only serves a purpose but also reflects your personal style and vision. We understand that each home has its own story, and we’re dedicated to helping you write the next delightful chapter. We help homeowners create organized and efficient spaces to live and work in. Not in the Portland or Vancouver area? We offer virtual organization and interior design services to clients throughout the country.