Bringing the Fun Inside: Family Activity Organization & Storage

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Fall has arrived, and so has the rain and cold weather. You and the people in your home will stay inside to play through the next many months. Instead of waiting for the dreaded words of “I’m bored” or sibling fights, let’s create a place ready with boredom busters.

tv console storage organization

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What does your family like to do? Create, play, read, play video games? Store whatever they love in the rooms they use them in. If you play board or card games in the dining room, let’s keep them in the dining room or close to it. If your kids only color at the kitchen island, let’s create storage for all those coloring books, paper, crayons, and markers in or near the kitchen. Get where I’m going with this. With this method in place, you’ll notice that taking supplies out and putting them away is much easier. Because let’s be honest, most of the time, the items are left right where your loved ones used them. With items stored close to where they are used, asking them to clean up is easier.

living room storage organization baskets

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Now we know what and where to store it, but do you have the necessary storage?

Some homes have great rooms with built-in storage, which is fantastic. If you’re not that lucky, we have some solutions for you. Whether it’s a sideboard in the dining room, a credenza in the living room, or maybe just a few baskets in the corner with your kid’s toys and blocks, keeping items contained is the name of the game.

Under tv Storage console

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Go Broad or Go Home

With all organization methods, keep like items together. Do your kiddos love Play-Doh? No problem, find a container big enough for all the items and doh, and you’re set! Sometimes, having a spot for each individual Play-Doh color isn’t realistic. This is especially true with little children. Sometimes, the broader the organizational category, the easier to put away. No parent needs the stress of making sure each little thing gets put back into its small category. Nobody has time for that. Put all those gadgets and Play-Dohs in one bin and call it a day.

I hope this method will help you get through the cold months a little easier. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

Talk to you later, friends!
Interior Designer Jodi
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