Mess to Method: A PNW Ranch Home’s Mudroom and Laundry Organization Makeover

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We had such a fun time on this mudroom project. We love nothing more than to make a space go from cluttered and dysfunctional to soothing and organized. So this space was like a candy store for us.

The mudroom had so much potential and great usable space, but it was the dumping ground for the homeowners. You know when a task seems so daunting that it creates anxiety and it makes you freeze? Like you don’t even know where to start? This was that task for them. With fresh eyes, we were able to come in and see the potential of that mudroom. Alicia and I were almost giddy with the vision we saw for the space.


So, let’s edit! We, along with the homeowner, went through EVERYTHING. We went drawer by drawer, cupboard by cupboard, bin by bin, shelf by shelf, and closet by closet. We donated and found better homes for other items that made more sense to have in other rooms of the house. When the edit was complete, we started making categories. Once we had those categories, such as home décor, pet supplies, cleaning, canning, laundry supplies, and so forth, we were able to see how much space each category needed.

The client was full of gusto and even got the new shelving system up in the closet under the stairs. With all this vertical space we were able to find places for her décor, candles, paper products, and pet supplies. We even used the wall on the other side to hang seasonal wreaths.


 In her upper cabinets, we found the best place for each category. For example, we put her laundry supplies above her washer and dryer because obviously, that’s where she needs to access those products. Laundry supplies and extra light bulbs were 2 small categories, so we paired them up into one cabinet which works because she wouldn’t need constant access to extra bulbs, so putting those on a higher shelf made sense.

We fit all of her canning supplies and jars in another cabinet. We had a cabinet for all her cleaning supplies but used subcategories to section them into. For example, if she needed a carpet cleaner, all of her carpet cleaner supplies were in one bin.

The last cabinet became a miscellaneous space. We had humidifiers, cords, fans, extra hardware, manuals, and so forth that didn’t really fit in another cabinet. We grouped them together but made sure to label them individually so they would be easy to find and also easy to put away. When each item has a home and is properly labeled, it makes it easy for anybody to come in and put things away.

The two drawers were both being used as junk drawers with an assortment of batteries, tools, command strips, felt pads, and so forth. For these spaces to function properly we needed to create subcategories for each and section them off from the others so they wouldn’t bleed into one another. We found bins that worked well with the drawer measurements and did just that. It’s always the best satisfaction to open a junk drawer and see order in such randomness.


Now that everything has a home and everything is labeled, walking into the mudroom no longer triggers a panic button. They know exactly where everything belongs. It also makes it easy to check on her backstock. Do I need more hand soap? Let me check! I know exactly where that backstock is.

Talk to you later, friends!
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