Mess to Method: Organization Trifecta

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The House on the Hill homeowner had 3 troublespots that were causing stress. They became places where things that didn’t have a home were dumped and left. The first area was the medicine cabinet, countertop, and 3 drawers below. The second area was the kitchen nook which housed their daily go-to items for breakfast, snacks, and dinner. The third area was the linen closet. It was underutilized and in desperate need of an organization makeover.¬†During the Edit we relocated items that didn’t belong, tossed expired items, and donated items that were no longer useful. New shelving was added to the linen closet and made such a difference! I can’t tell you the difference it makes to label each area so each item has home. Family members know where things go when doing laundry, emptying the dishwasher, or unloading groceries. Label it and you’ll stay tidy!



messy linen closet
organized linen closet
organized pantry
medicine cabinet tidy
pantry shelves
kids art drawer organized
needs organizing
kitchen nook tidy
food storage pantry
breakfast organization
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