Mess to Method: Primary Closet Chromatic Refresh

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When the time comes to refresh your closet, it doesn’t take much to make it look and feel like a new space. After an edit to get rid of any clothes with wear and tear, we went through our client’s clothing to make sure that she loves and wears every item in there. We created a pile for donations and also tossed anything that was damaged.

We incorporated matching hangers as an easy way to class up her closet. It streamlines the look effortlessly. Then we started sorting the clothing into sections. Short sleeve, long sleeve button ups, blazers and dresses. Once every item was in the right section, we put them in chromatic order. As a bonus, we styled her button up sleeves to give her more of a shop look that she loves.

In her drawers we simplified her jewelry by putting like items together and only keeping what she loves. The drawer itself is more clean and simple as well. It lets her focus on what she opened the drawer for, instead of all the other clutter that was once there. With her sweater drawer we needed her to be able to see every color and item in there. Word of the wise, “If you don’t see it, you don’t wear it.” We also used chromatic order to help you see what colors she has so when she shops for sweaters in the future, she knows what she has and what colors she needs.



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